Welcome To Lima

"A History of the First Rail Road Town in Montana" 


We're Promoting a Book 

Red Rock Valley History Keepers

Our Mission . . . . . 

The Red Rock Valley History keepers is a group of volunteers. We are a non-profit organization currently focused on the promotion and distribution of the new book entitled "Welcome to Lima".  

Now that the publishing of the book is completed completed, the group will continue to support and organize efforts to procure and publish historical information pertaining to Lima and the Red Rock Valley for public dissemination in book form, on this web site, social media, and other means of publication.

In the coming years we hope to connect with hundreds, if not thousands, of people who have lived in the Red Rock Valley or have a vested interest in its heritage and culture. 

"To introduce "Welcome to Lima" as a vehicle to develop and foster an interest in the history of Lima and other small communities along the Red Rock River."